Classes for children with disabilities

January 16, 2022


Students will have the opportunity to express themselves through acting, skits, and impromptu scenes that display emotion, energy, excitement, and fun.

Awesome Art

Students have the opportunity to express themselves through various individual and group projects, and will learn to appreciate different types of art.

Becoming Independent

Students will learn a variety of skills necessary to lead an independent, self-determined life. Skills include: preparing and cooking healthy meals, laundry and wardrobe care, maintaining a clean, healthy home environment, and sewing. The goal of the class will be to attain independence and self-determination through the development of everyday skills.


Circles helps students identify, build and improve their relationships with family, friends, neighbors, acquaintances, health practitioners, and service providers. They will also learn how to differentiate between “public servants” and “total strangers.”

Dinning Out

Once a month, participants will select an ethnic restaurant and eat lunch as a group. Prior to the luncheon date, the group will learn basic information about the culture, language, people, history, and food. Through this course, participants will have the opportunity to access new foods and cultures in the community. Participants will also have the opportunity to practice table manners and budgeting meal costs since all participants and DSWs are responsible for paying for their own meal.

Fun and Games

A fun approach to combining academic and social skills. Participants practice learning rules, colors, how to count, waiting their turn, critical thinking, competing and having social interaction with the other players. This course uses games such as hangman, charades, bingo, and pictionary to provide opportunities for participants to interact and apply their independent living skills.

Honolulu Foster Botanical Gardens

Participants will join the volunteer program at the North Vineyard Boulevard Foster Botanical Gardens. Working alongside other volunteers from the community, participants will assist with daily gardening duties such as watering, planting, and weeding.

Health and hygiene

This class was prepared by a medical doctor to teach participants the skills to maintain their personal health. Topics covered will include but are not limited to, nutrition, exercise, emotional & psychological health and the importance of proper medical care.

Job Empowerment Training (JET)

Students will learn necessary basic skills to find and maintain employment. Topics covered include: work ethics, responsibility, hygiene, completing applications, interviewing skills, and appropriate interaction. Students will also practice important coping skills such as stress management, anger management and effective communication. JET is conducted like a job orientation and students are asked to dress professionally and conduct themselves accordingly.